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Our Team

Anil Kumar, Chief Executive Officer

Anil Kumar is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JOBWORLD. Anil conceived JOBWORLD as a highly differentiated recruitment platform at the turn of the millennium to serve the rapidly emerging Indian technology industry.

He has offered his services to more than 200 IT companies and could successfully place more than 10000 IT professionals in the IT industry during his tenure with JOBWORLD. His core areas of interest are creation and implementation of new business models in the recruitment industry.

Since his starting JOBWORLD in 2002, he has been instrumental in shaping the recruitment strategy and aligning it with the future business landscapes. He has worked towards establishing and strengthening the relationships with various technology vendors and has helped the organization get multiple rewards for consistent performance in the Enterprise Products space. He is energetic and enthusiastic towards work which used to get derived to his team members as well.

He is good in mentoring and guiding juniors as well. He is very helpful too. He plans and organises things pretty well and make sure that they get executed as per the plan. He is a very good professional and a good human being too.

Anil holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Poona Institute of Management Science & Entrepreneurship. He has around 20 years of experience in the human resource services of the IT industry. He has worked with Motech Software and various other Leading IT recruitment companies in India.

Cherry Cherian, Director

Cherry Cherian is the Director of the company. He is very experienced especially in Telecoms, Insurance, Automobiles, Healthcare, Utilities and Services.

He has vast experience of 15 years in IT industry and has worked with IBM, HCL, Satyam, Aparetc and various other top notch IT companies around the world. As the head of the organization, he is always critical and makes the most important decisions. His principle is simple, ‘he makes sure all the clients are fully satisfied with the services supplied by the organization’.

He has worked with multiple clients and teams across India, US, UK, Sweden, Belgium, Singapore and Bahrain. He has successfully worked with stakeholders ranging from senior management to the top most supportive teams in the industry.

Smithamol Chirayil, Director

Smithamol Chirayil is associated with Jobworld since 2005. She is having the best industrial experience in Business and recruitment services. She holds 12 years of industrial experience in the field of recruitment, HR administration in the wide spectrum of industries like IT, manufacturing and service sectors.

She successfully managed her team and along with them managed to recruit for our various prestigious clients. Her positive approach helped her and the team to overcome all the challenges. She always used to be prepared with a couple of solution options along with the clear articulation of the problem statement.

She is a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Pondicherry University & has more than 12 years experience in the field of Recruitment